Jessica Yorke

Jessica was born and raised in Halifax. Never straying from her roots, she grew up appreciating everything our wonderful province has to offer. Raised in a military family, she quickly discovered the meaning of pride, determination and hard work. At just 16 years of age she followed in her parents footsteps to begin a career as an Artillery Reservist.

While training in the military, Jessica wanted to further her education and completed a Bachelor of Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University. In her final year of University, she decided to branch out into the civilian world, welcoming a change of pace and new career path.

Jessica began her new career in an administrative role, easily transitioning her disciplined mind-set to multitask, time manage and remain organized. In 2018, the opportunity to join the Falkwin Group arose as Client Care Coordinator, a role Jessica was excited to take on and excel in.

As Client Care Coordinator, Jessica engages with clients to arrange showings, provide feedback and ensure all client needs and expectations are being managed and exceeded. Jessica’s warm hearted, efficient and positive attitude allows clients to feel confident and supported throughout their transaction.


phone: 902-818-1004