Stacey Falkwin

Stacey has never believed in placing limits on what she can achieve. She discovered early on that anything is possible with the right amount of work, focus, and dedication. By embodying this philosophy, she sets her sights high and has proven time and again that with a committed mind and heart, there’s nothing she can’t do. Through her childhood years, starting at the tender age of 4, Stacey started what would become over 10 years of focused piano study that garnered dozens of awards and designations at Acadia University & the Royal Conservatory of Music program strengthening her discipline, confidence and desire to succeed.

Stacey’s never sat idly by and waited for things to happen. She surprised everyone- even her parents, when she purchased a modest fixer-upper at age 21, and delved deep into the world of renovations and knew she’d found her passion. Two years later she starting purchasing other dilapidated properties, and with a total hands on approach, has personally transformed many distressed properties into beautiful homes and quality rentals. Stacey now has over 20+ years extensive experience in renovation, rental property ownership and management through her own holding company. Stacey has never feared failure. New challenges are opportunities to test her mettle and grow.

This knowledge of homes is what led the way to becoming a Realtor. In 2006, Stacey wanted to combine her love and knowledge of homes with her desire to work more with people. With this focused passion, she succeeded with exceptional results. As the founding member of the Falkwin Group, Stacey has garnered many high ranking awards for service and success and has enjoyed being in the top 3% in her industry nationally for most of the past decade. She is a certified member of the internationally recognized Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Specialists, proud to consistently be in the top 10% of donors to our local and national shelter charities, and consistently attends seminars and information sessions to stay on top of her industry.

Stacey encourages her clients to set their sights high and helps them reach their goals with enthusiasm and knowledgeable insight. A true type “A”, Stacey’s detailed, and thorough approach leaves clients feeling secure, protected and confident in their transactions. Stacey feels passionately about her responsibility to her clients and is truly devoted to them throughout the entire process. Her approach is consistent no-nonsense delivery of integrity-filled advice. Implementation of her thoughtfully developed systems combined with the skills of her talented team of professionals consistently results in seamless & successful client-focused outcomes. Stacey’s vision and ongoing drive to BE better and KNOW more means you will be hard pressed to find another team that offers the value-added services that her clients enjoy.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys fostering her passion for international travel. This passion has taken her to many corners of the world: scuba diving and sky diving at the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Greek Islands, relaxing down south, and exploring many European cities. She and her family love being immersed in other cultures and living life to its fullest.

A proud mother of two children, Stacey and her partner enjoy an active home and lifestyle and try to live a life of gratitude and balance.


phone: 902-209-3191