Why work with us?

Simply put: We are full service top producing Realtors®. We provide relevant, timely and comprehensive advice on all aspects of your home buying process. We are tough negotiators and diligent on ensuring you are well protected throughout your transaction. We have the time you want and the answers you need. We are not afraid of scary basements, crawl spaces & septic systems, and are actually immensely knowledgeable in knowing a good house from a money pit. We are very successful in helping our clients find their dream home, and we help a lot of them, which means we are continually viewing homes and staying on top of what is happening now in most Halifax communities. We pride ourselves in knowing about new listings before they come to market to ensure no opportunities are lost and we have great relationships with excellent trades professionals for expert advice when needed. By the time we are done you may know more about the home you are buying than the person who is selling it!

Properties sold in Halifax in 2018

house sale stats

The average HRM Realtor® assisted clients in 12 property sales in 2018. In 2018, our four licensed Realtors® assisted clients in 168 successful transactions (an average of 42 transactions per agent) and were ranked #27 out of 18,300 Royal LePage agents across Canada for number of units sold. The Falkwin Group were also awarded the prestigious Chairman’s Club Award representing the top 1% of Realtors® in Canada, remaining consistently in the top 3% for the last 10 years.

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So how do we do it?

why work with us

What you can expect

You will NEVER, EVER feel pressure from us to find a home. We sincerely enjoy assisting our clients to find the right home, and will do everything we can to locate a wonderful one for you. We pride ourselves on anticipating clients’ needs, providing answers before the questions are asked and will eagerly address any question or concern you have along the way. Ask us, and we will argue that the role in representing buyers is not in sales. We facilitate and advocate for the people who choose to hire us. Our clients become well informed to make the decision on which home will best fit their needs. Our job is to do everything we can to make the process as stress-free, informative, enjoyable, and successful as possible and to make sure our clients are well protected along the way.