Guide to Successful Sale

Guide to Selling your home in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Surrounding areas

Our process

Deciding to sell your home is a significant decision, but it certainly does not have to be a stressful one. Like anything, if you have the right people leading, guiding and supporting you, great things happen! Most sellers want to sell their home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience. Having personally been through the process numerous times, we understand the anxiety and worry that selling your home can evoke. We ensure our clients are informed, protected, and totally comfortable with the process, and as our stats show, we are really good at our job. What our stats don’t show is how easy and comfortable we make the process for our clients. We continually hear that the confidence and trust we instill, along with our ability to communicate and listen effectively, is also a major factor in client satisfaction.

So, how do we do it?

1 The first step in selling your home is an onsite meeting. We will meet with you at your property to walk through it together and sit down to discuss current market conditions and statistics, the overall selling process including your goals and questions, and review a Comprehensive Market Analysis where we will discuss relevant comparables and how they affect the market value of your property. We will also explain our marketing strategy and what you can expect from us throughout the process. We will provide a list of suggested improvements to maximize your home’s value, discuss our staging process, and of course, provide you with a suggested listing price and likely final selling price. We will review the costs to sell and provide an estimate of the proceeds you can expect to attain from the sale of your home. We will leave all of this information with you, without pressure, to decide if and when you are ready to take the next step.

2 Our next meeting is typically a complimentary consultation with us, you and our awesome Professional Certified Interior Designer and Home Stager, Melanie Orr. At this appointment, Melanie will outline how each room would be ideally showcased and we will agree upon a staging plan moving forward. We maintain a large inventory of furniture, bedding, artwork and accessories, to potentially enhance what you already own to make your home look it best, all included with the Falkwin Group’ services. We also have a vast network of amazing professionals and handy people to assist with any final touch ups or repairs that you may wish to address before selling. We will agree upon which items you as the homeowner, will accomplish prior to listing, and will continue to follow up to see how things are progressing and whether you need any further advice, recommendations or support as you prepare your home for the market!

3 A few days prior to hitting the market we will meet again to sign the listing documents and update you on any changes in the market and relevant comparables since we last met. These documents explain the terms of the listing contract. The forms are standardized for every MLS listing in the province and we will thoroughly review, explain, and complete these with you.

4 Around the same time, a few days before hitting the market, Melanie, our Interior Designer, will return to complete the staging plan. This may include her bringing along props and artwork to “dress” the space, or she may arrange and move furnishings and decor, as was previously agreed upon with you!

5 That same day, our full time photographer will have the best professional photos & videos and/or drone shots taken and we will hit the MLS market within the next 48 hours.

6 Showings will be arranged at times convenient for you with a significant amount of advance notice. Communication throughout the process will be arranged according to your needs and preferences. We love keeping our clients up to date on relevant activity in their marketplace with detailed activity reports and you can expect consistent communication!

7 We will keep you up to date on our extensive marketing plan; what is happening when, and the results.

8 When a written offer is made on the property, we will meet with you to review and discuss its terms. Offers are written on standard forms and include the rights, obligations, and terms that the parties to the offer are subject to fulfilling. We will do our research on the buyer and will guide you in our opinion and strategy on how best to respond. As the seller, you have the right to accept the offer, reject the offer, or prepare a counter offer which would open the offer to negotiation on any of the terms noted above that are not to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves with strong negotiating skills to ensure our clients receive excellent representation. We love to win.

9 Once all the terms of the offer have been satisfied by the buyer (typically around 2 weeks), the property is declared legally SOLD and it is time to pack and prepare for moving day! We will follow up with you throughout this process and remind you of everything that should be taken care of before closing day. We will also revisit your home a day or two before closing to ensure the property is ready for a smooth closing.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Contact us to find out how our listing process will net you more money in less time!